Who We Are

Our congregation reflects reflects the community of Moyock, NC.  Many of our members are either retired or active duty military. Some are retired from business and have travelled the world.

We are blessed with a strong base of folks born and raised here in the Moyock area. Many are still active in the school system, law enforcement, business and government. They remind us of our roots while we continue to change and move forward. That is a good thing and we celebrate our rich heritage every October on Circuit Rider Sunday.

You can feel the unity and love of the congregation when we share the Peace of Christ  and Huddle in prayer each Sunday. You can feel the Spirit when you see us all working together in ministry in support of our local community.

Yes, we all struggle in our walk to be disciples, but we also know we are all part of the Family of God and support each other in our walks.

We look forward to your visiting with us and to hear and experience the rest of the story of the New Moyock United Methodist Church. …The Spiritual Gateway to the OBX.



Below is an article from Thom Rainer identifying the 7 Traits of a breakout church. We are using this model to shape our future. Please join us to make it happen.


The Seven Traits

by Thom Rainer

The breakout churches, almost without exception had seven common characteristics. Though I list them numerically here, for sequential purposes, I am not assigning priority by the rankings.

1. The pastor had a “wake-up” call.

He stopped denying that his church had a challenge. He became determined, in God’s power, to lead the church to growth and greater health. He would no longer be satisfied with mediocrity in God’s church.

2. The church, under the pastor’s new leadership, developed clarity in its purpose.

Most of the churches were previously activity focused. They were busy with the “what” without addressing the “why.”

3. The pastor began assembling the right team for a new era of leadership.

That team would include either paid staff or unpaid laypersons.

4. The pastor developed a spirit of tenacity.

He knew that the turnaround would not take place overnight. He followed a prayerful plan for the long haul.tsa

 5. One of the early moves in these churches was to focus more ministries outwardly.

The wake-up call noted above included an awareness that most of the ministries of the church were for the comfort and desires of the members. The leaders began to change that reality.

6. The pastor and other leaders in the breakout churches had deep biblical faithfulness.

They saw their mission emanating from God and written in His Word. That faithfulness was the push that moved them forward even in the midst of challenging times and potential discouragement.

7. The pastor invested more time in the preaching ministry.

He realized the centrality of the preached Word, and gave it more time and emphasis than any point previously.

The Hope Present in These Churches

Of course, the other great encouragement in this project was discovering the story of entire congregations moving from a inwardly-focused lethargy to an outwardly-focused Great Commission mindset.

Join us as the adventure continues!