What happens when you attend the men’s Christian Fellowship Dinners

November 29, 2012 What happens when you attend the men’s Christian Fellowship Dinners


What happens at the monthly Christian men’s fellowship gatherings:  When asked this question one man replied as follows:

I go to the meetings knowing that I will enjoy the time spent with brothers in Christ on the ride down, good fellowship and a time to get closer and know my brother’s better.  At the meeting we fellowship and see and talk with the many “New friends” that we have come to know and love, then on to a good meal and more fellowship around the table.  This gives us time to wind down from the day’s hustle and bustle and gets us in a mind state that is like a plowed and harrowed field ready for planting God’s word.  The bible verse brings us to the understanding of why we are here. 

 Then it  Happens,…. sometimes slowly and other times like an earthquake.  God descends.  You are never fully prepared for what is coming next and there is  no way you could be.  It is His time and place and He moves freely in around and through us.

 Many of the testimonies hit very close to home and the ones that don’t still tug at our heart.  I don’t  have testicular cancer, thank God, but I did have a motorcycle accident where I was told that when I healed I would never again father a child.  Pretty devastating news to a 21 year old.  That’s what the physicians saw but it wasn’t what my God had in his plans, God gave me a beautiful gift of two more wonderful children.  His testimony hit very close to home, especially on the 47th anniversary of that horrible accident. 

How do you sit and listen to a man describe his impending death.  You want so much to make his hurt and devastation go away.  I have seen my children become adults, walked them down the aisle and held grandchildren.  xxxx will never have all of these experiences.  My heart hurts for him and his family in a deep and unsettling way.  xxxx’s love of Christ and his family’s love for Christ and each other will get them through but at best it’s a long hard road and one that I wished he didn’t  have to travel.  Hearing him describe in detail just how he will navigate this road is lifting.  I have walked it with loved ones several times and while it’s not a journey you want to take it is a way to show your love in a way that is very meaningful to both you and your companion. 

We say “It’s all good”  and I truly believe that life and the love of Christ is more wonderful than words could ever express but cancer is not good, laying in a coma after an accident is not good, attending your son’s funeral isn’t good, broken relationships and divorce aren’t good.  life can be very hard and cruel.  How we deal with these issues is the real test and these gatherings brings us to our knees and drives home the message that we are not the one in control. 

 God is the only one that can get us safely through life’s daily battles.  Thanks be to God for putting these men together to help show each other the way.  Some days you are a leader and other days you need a hand to pull you along.  I feel that this is what these meetings are all about.  Lead when God gives you the ability and reach out and help the others in their struggles just as they will reach back and pull you along when  you  have yours. 

Sadly to say even the most blessed of us will have struggles and needs and it is very comforting to know there are helping hands reaching out for us.  It is obvious to anyone with any discernment at all that these meetings are God’s meetings and he is the one in control.  It is an overwhelming experience.

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