Musical Fund Raiser to be held Sat September 29th 7 PM at The New MUMC

August 8, 2012 Musical Fund Raiser to be held Sat September 29th 7 PM at The New MUMC


Jo Drago our choir director and friend of Peter Georges is hosting a musical extravaganza to raise some much needed money for Colvin Georges. See the letter below.


My name is Peter Georges. This past Memorial Day weekend my brother Colvin Georges who is a member of the United States Virgin islands Police SWAT Team and his partner were gunned down at close range by a drug dealer who was out on bail a month before. My brother got the worst of it and was shot in the neck and back. He is currently paralyzed from the neck down and requires a ventilator to breathe.


My brother Officer Georges was immediately airlifted from the Virgin Islands to Miami where he was admitted to Jackson Memorial’s ICU. After a few weeks, he was sent to Select Specialty hospital to work on his breathing. While admitted there for a few weeks, the CEO and doctors of the hospital informed us that there was nothing else they could do for my brother and that he really needs to finish his treatment at Jackson Memorial where he was previously. He is 41 years of age and has the body of a football player. He received the highest score in physical fitness at the Academy.


During the first week of my brother’s arrival to Miami, his workman’s comp was totally exhausted. In the Virgin Islands, Workman’s comp is maxed at around $250,000. His insurance company also stated that they would only pay for up to four months of treatment. My brother is going to require a lifetime of care including a nurse 24 hours a day.


We have attempted on several occasions to get my brother re-admitted to Jackson to get the treatment he desperately needs. We are being told that he is being denied admission because they are afraid that the insurance company will back out on their payments. In the meanwhile, my brother is still suffering emotionally and physically. The bullets have not been removed from his neck and he is in constant pain. We were then told that perhaps if a family member wrote a letter stating that we would take care of the cost for treating my brother if the insurance company pulls out, they would accept him. We wrote the letter and again Jackson Memorial rejected admitting my brother so he can’t be treated. In the meanwhile, my brother is still in pain and suffering. It is sad when prisoners in Guantanamo get treated better than a police officer who risks his life every day for his community.

We then asked the Governor of the US Virgin Islands to write a letter stating that the USVI government would pay all the bills in the event that the insurance company pulls out. (THE LETTER IS SHOWN BELOW). The letter was signed and sent to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Now we are being told that is not good enough and they will not accept my brother for treatment. Finally we are being told that they will need around Five Hundred Thousand dollars deposit from the Virgin Islands government before they will accept my brother and give him the treatment that he desperately needs. This is a shame. The Virgin Islands has been a territory of the United States since 1917 and this is no way to treat a police officer.


Our family is already going through a lot due to our brother’s pain and it gets worse when that pain is also being generated by the Hospital who is supposed to be in the healing business. Trying to acquire funds to traveling back and forth to visit him in Miami is stressful in itself and now we have to deal with this. We need the help of the media to expose what is going on at Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami and help my brother, a wounded and paralyzed officer. Through your help, we can make this happen. Please HELP!!!


Here is the link to my brother’s story for those of you who have not seen it before.


We hope you can join us this night to support this family and officer.

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