Feeding the Hungry: How you can help!

August 22, 2012 Feeding the Hungry: How you can help!


Feeding the hungry?

CHURCH PANTRY – Coordinator, Natalie Phillips – 252-435-6648 This is a small food pantry within our own church that depends solely on contributions  for its continuation.  Food is given to not only walk-ins but also to families in Humble Beginnings Day Care. Cash donations, rather than food, are preferred.  If food donations are desired, the inventory items  needed are posted on the door of the cabinet in our church kitchen which houses the    food bags until they are delivered.  Cash or check contributions can be made out to  MUMC and designated for the “church pantry.”

FOOD PANTRY – Director, Bonnie Schuster – 252-455-2540  Brothers’ Keeper ( Tax Exempt) operates the Moyock Food  Pantry which is a member of the Food Bank of the Albemarle.  The food pantry serves only the Moyock zip code of 27958, therefore.   Brothers’ Keeper prefers the “cash” method of donations.  Checks can be made out to Brothers’ Keeper Food Pantry.  If food donations are given, smaller sized items are preferred so that everyone will get the same amount.  A list of foods that are needed   can be obtained from the Director.  In addition to cash and food donations, volunteers   are needed to stock the shelves and wait on customers Tuesdays and Thursdays from    2-4 p.m. They may open on Sat mornings starting this Fall.

BACKPACKS FOR KIDSCoordinator, Ellen Owens – 252-232-2262  The Currituck County Extension Foundation conducts a food program for kids that gives the need kids a backpack full of food on Fridays that will feed them over the    weekend.   These children are selected by the Guidance Counselor based on need.    This program now partners with the Albemarle Food Bank who provides kits of food..  The cost of each kit is $4.68.  The best way to give donations is to send   cash to purchase these kits.  The check should be made out to Currituck Extension    Foundation and sent to 120 Community Way, Barco, NC  27917.

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