January 7, 2014 DID YOU KNOW FOR SUNDAY JANUARY 12 2014


Welcome to the NEW Moyock UMC. We are so glad you decided to join us in our new ROUND worship space at our 1030 am service.
We’ve been expecting you!

We truly hope that you will experience the Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire that has ignited this congregation since we became The New MUMC in August of 2011.
Our God is an awesome God and we are being obedient to Him. Ask a church member to tell you the rest of the story. And yes, there is a wonderful amazing story of how God is working in our lives and the life of the church.
We are In ministry together and we need you to help us Serve in His name right here in our Community So That…… Pastor Bill Masciangelo 252 455 7117 cell.

Professional Nursery care is provided from 9:00 am till end of Worship every Sunday. A Guest Services table, located in the vestibule, is staffed before and after each worship service. Stop by and get your questions answered. Hearing support devices are now available. See the greeter if you need to use one of these listening units.

Passionate Bible-based Worship in the Round: Began Jan 5th at 10:30 am. Holy Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month and at other times during the life of the church. Gluten free bread is always offered and available. Children’s Church is for children Pre-K to 3rd Grade and starts right after the children’s message during worship. The children learn about Jesus and worship in an age-appropriate setting.

Save the dates:
January 12th Women of the Church meeting after worship. Mary Danko, new president presiding.
January 19th Finance and Church Council Meeting for New Year. After worship.
January 28th 6 pm Men and Women Christian Fellowship Dinner at The New MUMC. ( Our men are hosting..our ladies invited )
February 2nd 7:45 am Men’s Breakfast.
February 9th after worship. Women of the church meeting.
February 16th Finance only meeting after worship.
February 23rd Lay Rally and Trade Show. Team Matt display. All laity leaders encouraged to attend. 3-6 pm at Edenton UMC.


Can you identify these elements in today’s worship service? We suggest that you keep a copy of each weekly issue of Did You Know on file and use them to review and grasp what God truly wants us to do when He calls us here to Worship. Another option? Come to Bible Study on Wednesday night at 7 PM and learn even more about worship.

Worship: Starting last week began to focus on the Biblical elements of Worship. We are in the Round. The four walls (verbs) around which we plan our worship service are:

MY goal is to create: Worship services that are faithful to scripture, historically conscious, relevant to God, Christ-centered, and engaging for worshipers in the 21st century. So that…..

Prayer Chain: If you would like to be a prayer warrior or if you have a prayer request, Kathy Henderson is coordinating this ministry for us. You can reach Kathy on her cell phone at 757-705-5770 or email her at khenderson6741@gmail.com.

Wednesday night Bible Study started Wednesday January 8th at 7 PM. Worship: Why and how God wants us to worship. Worship: Then and Now. Please join this great group of disciples desiring to learn more about Jesus. We will also start serving a Simple meal from 6 PM till 6:45 prior to class. Join us for dinner and study7 pm.
aving a meeting, practice or gathering at church? Please consider these ideas: Did you think to pray to open and close? Did you lead a short devotional from the Upper Room monthly devotional sharing the Word of God? Were you sensitive to new folks or old friends and their need for Spiritual Healing? Many in our church are suffering. All these things should come before a meeting, practice or gathering gets underway. It is all about a Relationship with Jesus and not Religion. We are part of a movement!

Vital Worship: Some signs. People are welcomed and cared for. God’s story is always told. Jesus is experienced as present. People are active in singing, praying and responding. There is passion not only from the Pastor but from the Congregation. Things like pictures, videos, candles, decorations are used to point to the presence of God. Worship space is arranged so people can be together and see one another. Worship matters. There is energy. Worship reveals the planning, gifts and participation of the people.

Worship can take place anywhere. Our sanctuary on Sunday is where worship takes place for us. Over the centuries worship location and space has changed from the home to cathedrals, from high school auditoriums to old historic churches. How does space reflect how we worship? We need to hear the Word of God. We need to be able to move and to participate and to touch and share. We need intimate concentric space when God is with us. We need space to move and respond, pray, baptize, share His table, bless, pass the peace, offer ourselves and so much more. A place for the body of Christ to gather, hear, respond and then go. Our new space to worship seeks to give a sense of hospitality and intimacy of sharing in the worship experience. Being able to see each other and talk and sing with each other. Today people are realizing that immovable pews, massive pulpits, fixed choir stalls all belong to an age that could not accept the possibility of change. New worship space today is seeking the once lost strand over centuries of intimacy of family worshiping together with God and Jesus centered and participation critical for all to be fully engaged in worship rather than passive sitting in an otherwise spectator church designed building and space.

Do you still need to make a decision today? Use the decision card to help me help you. Membership? If you are not a member and wish to learn more about becoming a member of the New Moyock UMC….then see, call or email me to start the conversation. 252 455 7117 pastorbill38@aol.com.

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