August 28, 2013 DID YOU KNOW FOR SEPTEMBER 1 2013


Welcome to the NEW Moyock UMC. We are so glad you decided to join us this Sunday at our 1030 am service. We’ve been expecting you! We truly hope that you will experience the Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire that has ignited this congregation. Our God is an awesome God and we are being obedient to Him. Ask a church member to tell you the rest of the story. We hope you will come back and join us in the weeks to follow. We are In ministry together and we need you to help us Serve in His name right here in our Community. We have so many ministries that need your help. Pastor Bill Masciangelo 252 455 7117 cell. Is my number on your speed dial? We are starting to RETHINK CHURCH. We hope you will ….and then join us.

Professional Nursery care is provided from 9:00 am till end of Worship every Sunday. A Guest Services table, located in the vestibule, is staffed before and after each worship service. Stop by and get your questions answered. Hearing support devices are now available. See the greeter if you need to use one of these listening units.

Passionate Worship: Begins each Sunday at 10:30 am. Holy Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month and at other times during the life of the church. Gluten free bread is always offered and available. Children’s Church is for children Pre-K to 3rd Grade and starts right after the children’s message during worship. The children learn about Jesus and worship in an age-appropriate setting.

Wednesday night Bible Study Continues: A New Series Began May 8th at 7 PM. Come and learn, study, witness, pray and have fun too. The Bible a 10 week series based on the recent popular The Bible series on the History channel. Come prepared for good discussions.

Save the dates:

September 8th Men’s Breakfast 7:45 am IN Ministry Together Sunday and New Sunday School Classes Begin for Adults and Youth. September 8th Meet the Bishop at First Church 3-5 PM in Elizabeth City, NC. All invited. Dinner afterwards for those interested. Our District Superintendent Rev. Gil Wise to be installed. Pastors to process into service. Lay leaders and church members invited. Please join Susan and me at this wonderful event. Celebrate with other Methodists.
September 11th 9/11 Prayer service at the Currituck County Court house. Join us for this one hour prayer service.
Music and Message: A 4 week series on Wednesday night : Sept 11, 18, 25 and Oct 2nd. 7 PM. And Fellowship too!
September 15th Finance and Church Council meeting after worship. Lunch provided. Conference room. Budget, lay leadership 2014 and pastor’s salary approval and final discussions on YMCA and VBS for 2014. Plan to stay for some time.
September 22nd Women of Church meeting after worship. Ministry planning!

*****October 8th: Charge Conference. 7 PM at Kitty Hawk UMC. Need approved budget, 2014 leadership, Audit and more. Information to be provided to chairs. etc.
October 13th: 1030 at worship. Circuit Rider Sunday. Pastor arrives by horse, weather permitting. Fellowship reception afterwards.
Have You Taken Control of Your Health Today?

Life Line Screening will be at The New Moyock United Methodist Church on Monday, October 21, 2013 offering five safe, painless, non-invasive preventive health screenings that are typically not a part of a routine physical. To be more proactive about your health and live longer for yourself, your family, and your community, please register for these potentially life-saving tests today.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR FACEBOOK MEMBERS: Sign up by calling 1-800-324-9458 and receive $10 off this package. In addition to the savings you will receive, The New Moyock United Methodist Church will also receive a $10 donation for every member who signs up this way and attends this event! For only $139 (regularly $149) you can learn your risk of having stroke or vascular disease. There is no time like the present to take action!

Do YOU still need to make a decision today? Use the decision card to help me help you. Membership? If you are not a member and wish to learn more about becoming a member of the New Moyock UMC….then see, call or email me to start the conversation.
Prayer Chain: Please note this change: If you would like to be a prayer warrior or if you have a prayer request, Kathy Henderson is now coordinating this ministry for us. You can reach Kathy on her cell phone at 757-705-5770 or email her at khenderson6741@gmail.com.

New adult classes start next week: Please plan to join us and get back into the Word of God. Something for everyone. Sepptember 8th next Sunday we start.

What if we Rethink Church? What if Church weren’t just about Sunday, but also about the other days of the week? What if Church was not just a place we go, but something we do? What if Church was a verb and not a noun? What if Church was not a building but over 100 doors for people to enter and to experience a different concept or experience of church?

RETHINKING CHURCH is vital to helping grow vital congregations. Since 2009 The UMC is casting a vision that inspires hope, faith and action. It calls us to meet people where they are and to engage the world through our faith…a faith in action and not just behind these doors. We want to engage the SEEKER to reach outside the walls of our church that together we might open hearts, minds and doors and transform the world.

Some tee shirts are still available. Donation if you take one or two. Located in the library. Mostly children sizes..but we still have some adult sizes too.

In Ministry Together Sunday September 8th
During this special Sunday Worship we will showcase the many ministries that our church presently offers. Learn more about our Food Closet, Angel Tree, Scouting, Mosaic Prayer Shawl, Congregational Care, School Support, Police and EMS support, Humble Beginnings Day Care, Relay for Life, Shut-in support, Cancer Patient Support, Nursing home visits, and our very expansive Music Ministries to mention some.
WORSHIP: The purpose of worship is to gather as God’s people, listen to God through the Scriptures and through the sermon which should be an exhortation to follow Jesus based on one of the Scriptures, and then we celebrate God’s Story in the Eucharist, and finally we are sent out to love and serve God and our neighbor in the world. Over time the liturgy shapes us into God’s people and helps us to see how our stories interact and are given meaning in God’s Story. The Sunday liturgy as well as daily prayer and these other “liturgies” that mark significant life events from birth through death help us to get out of our me-ism living in our YOUniverse and become a part of something much bigger than we are. It is not about us…it is about being in service for Him.

What is a Disciple?
It means learner and orienting our lives to be more like Christ. It means responding to the call to be a disciple and to disciple others.
Do we have a life worth imitating and that others see Jesus like qualities in us?
Do you want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection? Can you share this with others?
Can you describe a time when God broke into your life with an event that changes you yet again? These moments should happen weekly if you are in the Word and being a disciple.

Are you a disciple of Christ? This means you now:
a) Bear your cross daily
b) Abide in the word
c) Love as Christ loves
d) Reproduce by passing on the news

If not, then make the decision to be one today. What is holding you back? Jesus died for you so you can be Free to_____!

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