Did You Know for July 29th 2012

July 27, 2012 Did You Know for July 29th 2012


Welcome to the NEW Moyock UMC.  We are so glad you decided to join us this Sunday. We’ve been expecting you!  We  truly hope that you will experience the Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire that has ignited this congregation. Our God is an awesome God and we are being obedient to Him. We pray and we are moving forward on our knees humbled by His Blessings upon us. Ask a church member to tell you the rest of the story.  We hope you will come back and join us in the weeks to follow.   In ministry together:  Pastor Bill Masciangelo 252 455 7117 cell.

WWW.MOYOCKUMC.COM  Our new website is now live and in living color. Check it out!

The New Moyock UMC Business Cards are here.

 Please take some and give them away with an invitation to join us at worship.

Professional Nursery care is provided from 9:00 am till end of Worship every Sunday.   For your convenience a Guest Services table, located in the vestibule, is staffed before and after each worship service.  Stop by and get your questions answered. Hearing support equipment is now available.  See the greeter if you need to use one of these listening units.

Passionate Worship:  Begins each Sunday at 10:30 am. Children’s Church is for children Pre-K to 3rd Grade and starts right after the children’s message during worship.  The children learn about Jesus and worship in an age-appropriate setting.  Holy Communion is offered normally the first Sunday of each month.

Prayer and Bible Study is held each Wednesday night at 7:00 pm.  A NEW 8 Week Study in Luke: Lessons on how to be a witness” began July 11th.  Join any time. There is no advanced reading required to participate.

FLASH FLASH!  Our youth also meet now on Wednesday nights at 7 pm.  Biblical stories to be discussed each week.

Like to Sing?  Wonderful!   Our newly formed Choir practices on Thursday nights at 6: 15 pm (note new time) in the sanctuary.  Please join us.  We need your voice and now we need your band or orchestra instrument!

                                                                   Save these important dates!

Pastor’s office hours are normally Wednesday from 3-8. Look for the Pastor is in sign!  It is always best to call ahead. 252 455 7117

   Coming August 24th Friday 10-2. The Veterans Rural Health Team will be here to answer your questions and to tell you about your VA benefits. August 19th Flip Flop Sunday and Church Picnic. Practice you cornhole throwing.  There will be plenty of food and games…and possibly music for all.  Are you ready to PICNIC?


Life Groups are Coming to The New Moyock UMC.


 What is a Life Group? How do I join one? Where are they located? What do we do? Why do we have Life Groups? When do they meet? How can I lead a Life Group.  Wow…you all ask really good questions.

                                                Did you know…July 29th 2012 Edition continued:

Huddles? A small group of Christians who PRAY together and expect God to speak into their lives and then ask two questions, “What is God saying”? and “How can I respond”? We huddle during worship on Sunday.

An email Prayer Chain has started: If you would like to be a prayer warrior or if you have a prayer request, Alex Brink in now coordinating this ministry for us. You can reach Alex via email at abrink10@gmail.com or via phone at 757 768 0446.   Our biking pastor from Ohio , Brad Weaver is now in Texas and hopes to complete his journey on 22 July.  Remember, he started here on Memorial Day. 

Do YOU still need to make a decision today?  Use the decision card to help me help you. Membership?  If you are not a member and wish to learn more about becoming a member of the New Moyock UMC….then see, call or email me to start the conversation.  I would be most honored to speak with you and your family.   Our goal is to have 35 people join our church this year 2012 by Baptism and/or Profession of Faith.   27 more to go!   Are you next? I will keep asking but more importantly, Jesus is asking.  

Life Groups Answers!


A LiFE Group is a smaller group of people within our church who meet regularly to establish a sense of community to live out the reality of the Christian life on a day-to-day basis. The mission of LiFE Groups is to grow Christ-centered communities through loving relationships. The benefits of participating in a LiFE Group are far reaching.  In the context of this smaller “spiritual family” you will be able to establish deeper relationships in a warm and safe environment. You will be accepted for who you are while at the same time encouraged to reach your full potential in God. This small group will be a care-giving community as well as a place to grow in areas of serving others. The Church is God’s chosen vehicle for the operation of His love and His grace in the earth. The power and work of the Holy Spirit through a dynamic church is how God gets things done – it’s how He builds His kingdom. Scripture and church history have taught us that the most effective model for a dynamic church body, which consistently administers the love of God, comes in the form of small groups. This interpersonal relationship model was the basis for vibrant Christian life and growth in the New Testament Church. 

 How are LiFE Groups Structured?

The structure, frequency, and nature of what takes place within the groups will vary depending upon the personality, availability and gifts of the leaders. We need to respect and make room for the various ways in which the Holy Spirit will work in each group. With that understanding, in order to adequately provide for the needs of most people, the groups will meet at least twice a month. Some groups may choose to meet weekly. The common elements of a Life Group will be: fellowship, group discussion on a focused topic, personal sharing and prayer. Although the purpose of the Life Group is to provide a context for developing relationships, encouraging people in their faith, and assisting in the meeting of needs, we must be careful not to allow the Life Groups to become groups (or cliques) that are exclusive in nature. Our focus should always be outward, with reproduction and growth as main objectives. In fact, members of the group should always be reaching out to new people and inviting them to the group. 

Can you start one today? See the pastor as groups are now forming to start in September.



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