Prayer & Bible Study

Come join us on Wednesday nights for Prayer and Bible Study. We begin at 7 PM during the summer. 

We are a praying church.  We begin each Bible study  with prayer for our special requests, our church, our country and for those who are lost.

Bible Study on Wednesday nights is for adults, youth and children. We also have nursery coverage on Wednesday night as well.  We pray together then break out into separate programs.


The adults are presently in the Book Experiencing the Heart of Jesus. We look at the heart of Jesus to help us walk more like Him.


Many lessons are explored using Biblical Animation. Biblical Animation allows us to participate in the story being studied. This provides a more up-close look at the lessons to be learned and to experience, if only in a small way, what was really going on in the story. We dig for truths that apply to our lives today.

Look at the events calendar for up to date information on events and activities scheduled for this year.